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Welcome to the Pistol Events and Matches page. All the information on this page will be for upcoming pistol competition events. Please check here often for updates. IDPA matches are held the 4th Saturday of each month- March to October. Our November 2017 match will be Saturday November 18. There will be a Frozen Finger Match to close out 2017 on Saturday December 30. This will be a 3 stage match only.We'll have some hot drinks and snacks in the Club house following the Dec. 30 match.

Stages for the November 18 , 2017 IDPA Match
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
SIGN UP Procedures for IDPA Matches-

We have implemented an on-line registration service for our IDPA matches. You will need to go to Practiscore to register. Our monthly matches will be listed on their calendar and we will also be sending out direct links to members for sign up 3 weeks prior to all matches. Public sign up starts on the Friday 2 weeks prior the match. To find our matches, go to

NOTICE- IDPA has released a revised Rule Book for 2017. Click on the link below to find the rules.

2017 IDPA Rule Updates V.2

There are some interesting changes in the 2017 IDPA Rules. First, we are now using fault lines- no more guessing at cover. We have stepped back to the common sense concept of being able to reload on the move for targets in the open. There is a brand new Classifier stage and a modified IDPA target coming out in 2018. The NFC division has been changed to a Specialty Pistol Division (SPD) for those non-compliant handguns and calibers. There is also a new Pistol Caliber Carbine Division- but we're still figuring out how to use it (trench coats for concealment?). Our 2017 match season will start April 1.

Do you regularly carry your handgun? Do you ever practice drawing from your holster or from concealment? Do you know how to use cover if you were ever in a gunfight? Have you heard of International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)? Richwood Gun and Game Club has two members who have been IDPA Match Directors and several IDPA Safety Officers. We are setting up stage designs for matches in the Pistol Bay. Please check the various links and information on this page regarding IDPA and upcoming matches. We plan on registering the Club with IDPA to conduct sanctioned matches.
For information regarding IDPA, rules, and the equipment needed to shoot these matches, please use the links below.

You do not need special equipment to shoot in an IDPA match. This sport is designed for "all day carry" firearms and holsters

Match information from past matches is available at
IDPA typical equipment requirement:
1. Center fire pistol, 9mm minimum
2. Three magazines or three speed loaders (for revolvers)
3. Strong side holster only.( preferably OWB)
4. Magazine or speed loader carrier. You may carry magazines and speed loaders in a concealment garment pocket.
5. Concealment garment. This must cover the holster and magazine carrier when your arms are out stretched to you sides. A long shirt vest or light jacket will work.
6. Suitable eye and ear protection.
7. Adequate foot ware for walking and running on gravel.